Exotic india now online

India is a land of rich, exotic treasures and a visit to a branch of Roopanands is a journey into a trove of delights that whisks you into the heart of the subcontinent.

Our online website now compliments this experience, whether you are a seasoned local out to pick up some prayer goods or a tourist looking for a taste of the diversity that is our rainbow nation - we are now only a click away.

You can now browse our diverse range of:

  • compact discs
  • audio cassettes
  • dvd's
  • fashion, lifestyle and current affairs magazines
  • brassware
  • wedding and greeting cards
  • eastern wear
  • gifts
  • musical instruments
  • murthies
  • prayer goods
  • stationery

If you do not find an item in our website, please contact our Head Office on 031 579 1534 to enquire about sourcing the item for you.